About BitSport

BitSport is one of the first ever Peer to Peer Blockchain driven competitive eSports platform opening up several monetization avenue for Gaming and eSports in a competitive and decentralized fashion.

BitSport is evolving one of the first ever social decentralized gaming ecosystem which opens up enormous opportunity for anyone to monetize their gaming skills or monetize from the expertise and the burning fury of a favorite gamer.

Curated eSports

Curated eSports on BitSport are eSport matches, fixtures, tournaments which is been curated by the BitSport community to ensure transparency and accurate data-set for decision making. Curated gaming events between popular eSports influencers and the community would be featured on the curated section of

Monetization modules and avenues for curated eSports are:

  • Poll, Quiz & Challenges

  • Voting rewards

  • Pooled Staking

  • Peer to peer Bets

P2P Challenges

Peer to peer challenges on BitSport allow users to monetize their Skills and Professionalism on favorite eSport titles and Games. Anyone can create a challenge or accept challenges from other users around the world while staking BTP tokens.

When it comes to the level of transparency on BitSport, a smart contract escrow ensures fair resolutions and outcomes in the event of disputes or discrepancies from game decisions.

P2P Matches

Peer to Peer matches fosters community driven levels of monetizations for professional gamers where they can earn and also enabling their community backers or supporters to earn based off their winnings, creating a win-win scenario.


There will be 4 seasonal tournament in a year (once every quarter) which will be organized in 4 different continents each year (based on votes from the BitPlay community). The tournament will bring together Gamers and eSports enthusiasts around the world to feel an immersive gaming experience digitally and physically.

BitSport powered tournaments will be streamed and broadcasted on popular and prominent platforms to millions of viewers around the world.

Tournament Qualifiers

Tournament qualifiers would be organized and played in the first 2 weeks of every new quarter. A pre-determined number of participants would be registered to participate in particular eSport games or title, the top performers would be selected to proceed to the grand quarterly tournament with all expense paid trip to the organizing destination.

Sponsors (DeFi.BitSport)

DeFi (Decentralized finance) is changing the financial landscape, evolving enormous opportunities of earning potentials on Cryptocurrency and digital assets.

BitSport DeFi is one of the first ever Gaming DApp which is harnessing the potentials DeFi, unlocking a new decentralized gaming economy.

BitSport DeFi monetization modules

Sponsor DApp: BitSport sponsors DApp is a lucrative way for anyone to support a favorite eSport team, Pro Players or just any underdog average gamer looming with potentials on BitSport and earn rewards in BFI and other associated coins.

Tournament Sponsorship

Sponsoring a tournament on BitSport is an efficient and low-risk avenue to maximize yield and earning potentials on BitSport.

For each tournament, a smart contract fund is created where anyone can stake stable coins such as DAI, USDT, USDC etc, and farm BTP token rewards. Rewards can be claimed anytime while staked positions can be un-staked or exited once in every 14 days.

User Sponsorship Pool

Sponsoring a user on BitSport involves pooling funds along with other stake holders to sponsor a professional gamer, allowing him access to liquidity to bank on his gaming skills and capacity, while winning profits are distributed at a pre-determined ratio amongst sponsorship pool participant and the user.

BitSport Finance - BFI

Incentives, Rewards, Interests (for DeFi users) would be settled in BFI - the primary Crypto currency which governs BitSport Finance (BFI) for Sponsors.

BFI Tokenomics

BFI is an ERC-20 token minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. There is a total supply of 57,000 (Fifty Seven Thousand) BFI tokens.



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