Mysterious Gamer

on the MetaVerse

More than just NFT's. Mint, power up, earn alongside your favorite gamers in the Metaverse.


Mint BitSport NFT-IGO Cards

BitSport NFT IGO (Initial Gamers Offering) is a great way to power up and earn alongside iconic gamers in the MetaVerse. Connect your wallet to mint your favourite gamer's BitSport NFT-IGO Cards.

Earn Infinite Dividends

Earn auto shared dividends and constant rewards on lifetime earnings off your IGO Icons on BitSport, just by holding their NFT-IGO Cards in your wallet. BitSport NFT-IGO Cards are the first ever dividends / rewards backed supercharged NFTs; Now we have reasons to hold NFT's!

Powerup your Gamers

Your NFT-IGO gamers are your weapons of victory in the Metaverse, encourage and cheer your gamers to more wins on BitSport's main DApp. Every victory increases the worth of gamers’ NFT-IGO Cards.

Exclusive Access to your Icons

Get exclusive access pass to events, exhibitions and tournaments of NFT-IGO icons you hold. Unlock early access to rewards and drops from your Icons.


Follow the Journey

Community Building

Launch of our Discord Campaigns & NFT-IGO Platform
Mon March 21, 2022 to Fri 25 March, 2022

Giveaway / Campaigns

Organically Grow the community with Campaigns & Giveaways
Mon March 21, 2022 to Sat 30 April, 2022

7000 Mystery Gamer Launch

Unleashing of 7,000 BitSport Mystery NFT-IGO Cards collection
Mon March 21, 2022

UnknownCarl Card Rollout

Rolling out of “Unknown Carl’s” NFT-IGO Cards collections
March 21 2022

Announcing Strategic / Influencer partnerships

Strategic NFT-IGO Cards partnership with Gaming Influencers, Recording Artists, Musicians, and a social network cumulative reach of over 10 Million onboard organically.
March 30 2022

Mystery IGO Card Reveal

Revealing of the 7,000 BitSport Mystery NFT-IGO Cards Collection
June 5 2022

NFT-IGO Access Tournaments

Global “ NFT-IGO Cards access tournaments” in the Meterverse for gamers
June 15 2022

Grand Raffle Draw

A Grand Raffle draw for Gold & Platinum Card Holders for an “All expense Paid Dubai trip to the BitSport Lounge

Dubai Non-Fungible Tournaments

Physical tournaments in Dubai with NFT-IGO Cards as tickets for spectators.

Influencer Insta Duel

Insta-Duel collaborations organized by BitSport with top gaming influencers & recording artists via their NFT-IGO Cards while leveraging on their audience.

NFT-IGO Trophy Contest

The BitSports’ “NFT-IGO Trophy Contest” roll-out via P2P-Challenge leaderboard for gamers.

BitSport Foundation Programme Launch

Charity for over 10,000 gamers in Africa & India (Building World Class Gaming HUB in Africa and India)

BitSport Developer Program Foundation

BitSport will launch it's bespoke Developers program Foundation.

BitSport In-App Game MarketPlace

BitSport will release an updated Mobile App & In-App Game Marketplace for collectibles.

BitSport Collectibles Roll-Out

Collectibles will be officially rolled out on the BitSport Mobile App and DApp.

PlayChain Test-net Launch

BitSport will launch PlayChain protocol testnet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about BitSport IGO-NFT via some Frequently Asked Questions
What is BitSport NFT IGO?

BitSport NFT-IGO is a first of it's kind super charged NFT's attributed to Iconic Gamers on BitSport. Gamers can decide to issue different editions of their NFT-IGO on BitSport with preset dividends and rewards. By minting a Gamers NFT-IGO, you are supporting and super-charging thier gaming career which will in turn boost their earning potentials on BitSport, wallets holding the gamers NFT-IGO will receive a share of the NFT-IGO's edition dividends automatically on every earnings for the gamers lifetime on BitSport.

How do I mint BitSport NFT-IGO?

You will need a MetaMask wallet and some ETH to mint BitSport NFT-IGO. To download Meta mask visit

How can I get ETH (Ether) ?

First, you must purchase Ethereum (ETH) through an online exchange. We recommend using Coinbase or Binance. Once you have purchased ETH you will need to transfer it to your MetaMask wallet to Mint BitSport NFT-IGO

How Long until I receive my BitSport NFT-IGO ?

Depending on the amount of transactions pending on the blockchain, it can take few seconds or up to 48 hours for the NFT to land in your wallet. This is totally normal, once the transaction has been confirmed on the Blockchain, BitSPort NFT-IGO will automatically arrive in your wallet. Thank you for being patient!

After Minting what's next?

BitSport NFT-IGO is unlike any other NFT's, it's a super charged NFT which reward/incentivizes it's holders with BFI and BITP dividends based on performance from thier mysterious or favorite gamer in the Metaverse. Player reveal will happen according to the roadmap and dividend stage will be activated following reveal while revealed gamer starts their earning journey into the MetaVerse.

What is BFI and BITP ?

BFI and BITP are the governance and in-game cryptocurrencies for the BitSport gaming ecosystem.