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Dubai FC 24 Championship: Clash of the Titans

About This Tournament
Get ready for the ultimate showdown in the heart of Dubai! Join us on February 17th at TrueGamers in Dubai Mall, for the Dubai FC 24 Championship. Compete against the best FC24 players in the region and battle your way to victory for a chance to claim the 1,500 AED prize pool. Show off your skills, score incredible goals, and write your name in gaming history. Don't miss this epic esports event – register now and let the games begin!
Tournament starts

Sat, Dec 23 2023

01:00 AM



Player registration is allowed


PlayStation 4/5

Dubai FC 24 Championship Tournament Rules

1. Tournament Format:
- The tournament will be played in a single-elimination format.
- Matches will be played as 1v1 games in FIFA (FC 24).

2. Eligibility:
- Open to participants of all skill levels.
- Participants must be at least 16 years old.
- Registration is open to both individuals and teams.

3. Platform:
- The tournament will be played on the specified gaming console or platform (e.g., Xbox, PlayStation, PC).

4. Game Settings:
- Difficulty level: World Class.
- Half length: 6 minutes.
- Squad Type: Online.
- Custom formations and tactics are allowed.
5. Team Selection:
- Participants can choose any club team from the available options.

6. Gameplay Rules:
- No custom or modded controllers are allowed.
- Players must use their own gaming accounts.

- Any intentional disconnections may result in disqualification.

7. Match Scheduling:
- Participants are responsible for scheduling their matches within the provided time frames.
- Failure to show up for a scheduled match may result in a forfeit.

8. Reporting Scores:
- Participants must report their match scores accurately to the tournament organizers.
- Screenshots or video evidence may be required in case of disputes.

9. Code of Conduct:
- Respectful and sportsmanlike behavior is expected from all participants.
- Any form of cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.

10. Prize Distribution:
- The 2,000 AED prize pool will be distributed among the top-performing participants.
- Prize distribution will be announced during the tournament.

11. Tournament Officials:
- Tournament organizers and officials will have the final say in case of disputes or rule violations.

12. Disclaimer:
- Participants acknowledge that they participate in the tournament at their own risk and agree to abide by these rules and any decisions made by the tournament officials.

Remember, these rules are subject to change, and participants should stay updated with the latest information provided by the tournament organizers. Good luck and enjoy the tournament!
Prize Distribution:

The 3,000 AED prize pool will be distributed among the top-performing participants.
Prize distribution will be announced during the tournament.
Schedule will be announced on tournament day
Players 2652